Acoustics advice when furnishing flexible work spaces

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Acoustics advice when furnishing flexible work spaces

Theodoor Höngens: "More and more offices are set up according to the 'The New Way of Working' principle: in the morning, employees choose the work space that fit best their activities of the day. Often, all these kinds of activities are situated in one big space. So acoustics play an important part as well. For each space, we are able to chart the amount of "speech privacy" and whether noise limiting measures like sound absorbing ceilings and screens in between desk have the desired effect. We did this, for instance, for the new town hall in Heemskerk and for the Outlook building at Schiphol. Fun and useful projects - if the New Way of Working is to succeed, good acoustics are an important prerequisite."

Creative with square metres, but taking acoustics into account

In the world of banking, insurance and government, it is becoming more and more important to work creatively with the number of square metres available and a wide variety of work spaces. An office is becoming a dynamic place where people meet, have meetings and work in a focused way. As the various work spaces are adjoined, there are challenges to be met in terms of acoustics and sound experience. In a quiet space, people need to be able to work in a focused and quiet way. And in a meeting or conference space, it is very important that people can talk as much as they want without inundating the quiet spaces with sound. As sound experts, we can optimise the work spaces. Computational measurements show the amount of noise that enters a space and the kind of measures that can be taken to create a certain effect.

The right acoustics for productive employees

Various clients have asked for our assistance when setting up their work spaces. In the new Heemskerk town hall, we gave extensive advice about acoustics based on the architect's plans. This led to a new set up. Our experience from previous projects provides us with the knowledge about the effects of soundproofing materials. The setup of the Outlook building at Schiphol was also partly dictated by an acoustic assessment of the various spaces. Initially this happened on the basis of CATT model calculations. Then measurements were taken in a mock-up.

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