Measuring road noise on the go with CoMeT CPX

Do you want to know the noise reduction of a road? Do you want to check if a road constructor delivered a quiet road surface according to your specification? We have a measurement system that can answer these questions: CoMeT CPX. CoMeT is a turn key system consisting of a CPX measurement trailer, a measurement and analysis front end and the CPXInspector software to analyse and present the measurement results. Characteristic of CoMeT is the ease of use without making compromises to accuracy.

The CoMeT CPX trailer has some clever features. Because of the covers around the wheels, the measurement is not influenced by  wind and interfering noise of the traffic that is always present. Measurements can be done quickly and efficiently because you can measure in the left and right wheel track at the same time.  And the data processing is a piece of cake. Besides noise, the speed, air temperature and the current GPS position are measured simultaneously and automatically coupled with the noise measurements. Very practical and unique to the CoMeT are the side covers that can be opened. This gives easy access to the measurement microphones and tyres and is also useful when going to and coming back from a measurement location: the trailer is narrower and therefore easier to move.

The strength of the measurement and analysis system is that operator can continuously monitor the results in an organized view and even listen directly to the measurement sound. It is immediately clear if the measurement was succesfull. And, with the CPXInxpector software, the first results can be processed on-site.

In the last ten years, CoMeT has been used successfully inside and outside Europe by different institutions and organisations and has thus become a familiar sight.


  • Close Proximity (CPX) measurements according to the ISO 11819-2 standard
  • Acoustic conformity of production assessment of road surfaces shortly after construction
  • Monitoring of the noise reduction of road surfaces through time
  • Development of new types of noise reducing pavements
  • Measurement platform for the comparison of the acoustic quality of different tyres (passenger car and vans)


  • All-in-one: An integrated measurement systems that delivers you the final results on-site.
  • Practical: The CoMeT trailer has an easily-accessible acoustic enclosure that shields the measurement from wind and interfering traffic noise.
  • High-end, equipment: The equipment complies (amply) with all measurement standards.
  • Flexible: Due to the modular design of CoMeT, client-specific requirements can be integrated into the standard system.
  • Reliable: CoMeT has proven itself in practice in Europe the last decade.
CoMeT CPX measurement system
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