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Internship or graduation (HBO/WO)

With an internship or graduation research at M+P, you develop your knowledge for the future!

We enjoy developing and sharing knowledge. The most effective way to do that is by immersing yourself in a specific theme, research question, or ... a consulting project. You can come up with your own topic, but we also have a number of topics ready.

We are happy to assist you in formulating an internship or graduation assignment and then provide the necessary facilities and good supervision. We have ample experience in that regard.

Topics that have been covered in recent years:

  • In-situ measurement of the acoustic properties of sound barriers
  • Determining the influence of weather conditions on microphone sensitivity
  • Reduction of tire/road noise through vehicle measures
  • Determining the sound-absorbing properties of a two-layered road surface
  • Developing an app to assess the comfort of bicycle paths using a vibration meter
  • Development of a Machine Learning classification model to detect loud vehicles (within the NEMO project)
  • Identifying and analyzing operational, technical, and environmental factors that influence measured noise levels from departing and landing aircraft at Schiphol Airport


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And there are plenty of ideas for new topics, here are some examples:

  • Rapid method for measuring road traffic Lden
  • Smart Pass-by (smart selection of vehicle measurements)
  • Labeling of sound passages
  • Transition to the Omgevingswet (trans: Environmental Law; relating noise articles to previous regulations)
  • Noise source apportionment (determining contributions from sources in monitoring measurements)
  • The Road Cleanup (does a porous road surface actually have an effect on preventing microplastics in the environment)
  • Development and testing of a hot gas probe for sound measurements (with MEMS microphones)

If you want to know more about an internship or graduation at M+P, please contact Theodoor Höngens.

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