Simple and accurate measurement of sound from passing vehicles with SToRM SPB

Do you want to measure the acoustic properties of roads or joints? Then SToRM SPB is the tool you need. We have developed SToRM based on 20 years of experience with measuring noise on the roadside. It is a no-nonsense measurement system that does exactly what it needs to do to assess the acoustics of a road, without unit is a complete system with high-quality measurement components and a user-friendly application to perform and analyse the measurements. And you can be assured that the system will remain state-of-the-art in the future: we use it ourselves on a daily basis so you can profit from all improvements that we make for ourselves.


  • Statistical Pass-By (SPB) measurements in accordance with  ISO 11819-1
  • Measurement of noise requirements at expansion joints in accordance with NBD00401/RTD1007-3
  • Vehicle noise emission measurement


  • Practical: measuring at several heights using one system with a step-by-step method prevents mistakes
  • All-in-one: combined measuring and analysis system. All the results are immediately available on-site, with the option for editing and detailed analysis afterwards
  • User-friendly software: intuitive, screens that are adapted to outdoor use
  • Dynamic quality assurance: information about background noise is provided during the measurement, ensuring statistical reliability of the measurement result
  • High-quality components: class 1 or better, proven in practice
SPBinspector screenshot