B2M2 works as a Lego for building measurement systems

Ever had the need for a specific measurement system but there is nothing like that on the market? You might consider building it yourself or have it built according to your specification? Think again, because building tailor-made measurement systems can be very expensive. Designing, developing and testing custom systems is very time consuming. Therefore, it is hard to be cost-effective in comparison with series products, even if they do not quite deliver what you want. A serious problem that our clients and we have to face. Wouldn't it be nice to have something like measurement system Lego? With that you could build every measurement system you desire. With B2M2 we made that dream a reality.

We were inspired by Lego Mindstorms. We also wanted building blocks with which you can build something that you imagine, with good quality components, the possibility to automate the system and to give it some intelligence. B2M2 (Building Blocks for Modular Measurement systems) is the result of that desire. It is a toolkit with hard- and software components to quickly design, build and automate measurement systems for sound and vibration. And at a competitive price.

The B2M2 toolkit contains standardized components to measure and analyse sound, vibration, vehicle position, pass-by speed. But is not only the measurements themselves. It also contains a clever architecture to store and process the huge amounts of data that are normally generated, and to present it in a concise and clear way to the end user. Because it is a modular system it is even possible to mix in your own hardware and components.

Our idea is not to have another general purpose sound and vibration measurement system. There are a lot of good solutions on the market (e.g. PAK). No, with B2M2 you can build a measurement system for one specific task with simple and intuitive user interaction, and you do not have to be a sound and vibration expert to do operate the system. And with B2M2 one can build such a system from the ground up in two weeks instead of several months.

B2M2 is well tested and currently the core part of our applications SPBInspector|SToRM and RailInspector|ARRoW.