senior consultant

'Problems are solved together, step by step.'

I like to help my clients by unraveling their complex questions into small pieces and sketch different alternatives. I believe that a good solution can always be found.

The most important thing I've learned during my Applied Physics education is to hang on to a problem. WIth creativity and ingenuity, I try to come up with an answer. I prefer to do so together with a client or a colleague, armed with a few markers and a whiteboard! And it really doesn't matter to me if the question is about the physics of tyre/road noise or about interpretation of complex noise legislation. At M+P, I have performed large measurement campaigns, but also written policy documents that help our government forward. I am good with GIS-software and I'm able to build a software application or measurement system from the ground up. I have learned to put my ideas into writing in a structured manner and ask for feedback, while building a nice and fruitful relationship with clients and colleagues. 

Music is one of my greatest passions after working hours. As an experience piano and keyboard player, I play classical, jazz and rock music. This also, I never do alone, but always in bands and orchestras. Creating something beautiful together, that's what it's about.