Truck PIEK meting

PIEK and Quiet Truck Certification

Christiaan Tollenaar: "M+P has been working on various aspects of vehicle noise for many years now. Part of these activities involves the performance and analyses of PEAK noise readings in order to obtain a PIEK certificate".

Noise nuisance during supply activities

Shops usually receive their stock in the evening and at night. This can lead to noise nuisance for local residents. Noise requirements are increasingly being imposed on distribution to limit this.

Silent distribution vehicles can be recognised by the PIEK quality mark. In order to qualify for this quality mark, not only do the wheeled containers and hand trucks need to be quiet, requirements for the distribution vehicles have also been imposed. Vehicle manufacturers are responding to this with the development of “Quiet TRUCKs”.

Regulatory framework

The maximum levels for PIEK noise during loading and unloading have been established in the “Environmental Management Activities Decree”. The requirements for the evening and night are set at 65 and 60 dB(A) respectively. The assessment of products uses measurements taken in accordance with a specific measurement protocol. Certificates are issued by the PIEK-keur foundation.

We are THE partner for PIEK noise measurements

We have decades of experience with acoustic research in the automotive industry. Part of this is the performance and analysis of PIEK noise measurements on vehicles. We have carried out many different measurements based on the requirements for being issued a PIEK certificate. In addition, we participate in the development of the prescribed measurement methods.

The testing of vehicle noise against PIEK limits is carried out in accordance with the PIEK measurement protocol: “Measuring methods for peak noises during loading and unloading (update 2018)”. For example, measurements are performed on products, installations or vehicles under different usage conditions such as cooling, loading and unloading, acceleration, braking and driving. We have the ability to carry out measurements on, among other things:

  • QuietTruck
  • Transport cooling
  • Vehicle body parts
  • Logistics equipment

What can we do for you?

We focus on solutions for quieter vehicles that are immediately applicable, and we have built up a wealth of knowledge about the acoustic behaviour and sound emission of vehicles. This enables us to provide specific advice on the development of silent distribution vehicles. Detailed acoustic research into vehicle noise is also possible.