Test track

Measurements on ISO 10844 test tracks

Over the last decade we became one of the leading companies for measuring ISO 10844 test track surfaces. We have learned how to handle equipment, administrative procedures and formalities efficiently, so we can perform certification measurements worldwide on short notice. Before we travel back home you know if your test track meets the requirements.

Our experience

Almost ten years ago we conducted the first measurement. Back in the day, we needed so much measurement devices and equipment that it was necessary to go with two persons. This has changed significantly and nowadays the measurement tool kit is much more compact so it can easily be brought by one person.

After more than 20 measurement campaigns spread out over five continents, we know how things work and we are in full control of the process.

The measurements

We measure three quantities: surface texture, acoustic absorption and unevenness. Usually, we start with measuring the texture. Subsequently, we measure the absorption and the unevenness. The measurement data is transferred to our servers directly after the measurements. Hence, there is always a back-up of the measurement data. At our office, we check the measurement data and the results. If we have our doubts about the measurements, there is still time to repeat the measurements. This is also very beneficial for the test track owner, because he knows if his test track complies before we are boarding the airplane back home.