Directly applicable solutions for quieter vehicles


Directly applicable solutions for quieter vehicles

Erik de Graaff: “Road traffic is one of the major causes of noise pollution. This is certainly no surprise: there are millions of motor vehicles on European roads at any given moment, and the fleet is increasing by the year. M+P has been representing the Netherlands on various technical assessment committees for 25 years. We take maximum advantage of our extensive experience with sound measurements and the acoustic behaviour of vehicles to assist with the development of quieter road vehicles.”

Limiting noise pollution for a healthier environment

The noise produced by all those vehicles is not good for the health. That is why curbing road noise pollution deserves serious attention. Part of the solution lies in reducing the tyre-road noise, with ‘quiet asphalt’ and quieter tyres; the other part lies in the vehicle itself.

Noise pollution has many causes

Noise pollution from road vehicles can originate from several sources such as the engine itself, the exhaust and the drive mechanism, but also from process-related noise such as loading and unloading, and from the cooling system.

M+P has been advising on European inspection guidelines for 25 years.

Standards for the maximum permissible sound emission from vehicles have been in place since 1970. This is organized via a type inspection test (70/157/ECC), harmonized across the whole EU. For 25 years, M+P has been representing the Netherlands on various technical EU and UNECE committees in compiling inspection guidelines. We work closely with the RDW (Dutch Type approval Authority), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the EU and the road and vehicle industries.

Directly applicable solutions for quieter vehicles

The legislators are now demanding quieter vehicles, but customers too are requesting this more and more. M+P thinks and acts along with parties at all levels. For example, if a bus company wants to deliver a better service to the travelling public by improving interior noise levels, this means that the entire vehicle will need to be quieter. We take care of detailed acoustic investigations, source detection and design advice. We would be very pleased to become your in-house consultant.