Pavement Texture Measured Efficiently with FlaSH

M+P’s family of FLaSH TEXTURE systems is designed to accurately capture and analyse texture data. Measuring road textures with FLaSH TEXTURE is a straightforward process. FLaSH TEXTURE analysis is clear and yields solid, reproducible results.

Road texture is an important property that provides civil and acoustic engineers with valuable information about road noise, fuel consumption, wet skid resistance and road maintenance.

The results of the analysis with TextureInspector are common texture indicators such as MPD (Mean Profile Depth), ETD (Estimated Texture Depth), RMS and skewness. In addition TextureInspector calculates texture wavelength spectra.

M+P has performed mobile in-traffic measurements of road textures for many years. Based on our experience, we have developed a measurement system that gets the job done accurately and safely. Mounting is easy and the user interface is tailored for on-the-road use.

FlasH meetsystemen

FLaSH|M is a robust measurement system to easily measure road texture. With a driving speed of up to 100 km/h, many kilometers of road surface can be measured with a resolution of one sample per millimeter. During the measurements, the quality of the signal is shown and triggers can be given to indicate certain parts for later analysis. After the measurements, the obtained profile can be read in the TextureInspector application. The measured sections can be selected, and the analysis can be performed according to ISO 13473.

FLaSH|S is a 3D texture measurement system that can be deployed in the lab and in-situ. Texture data is shown in the TextureRecorder application, and after the measurements, in more detail in the TextureInspector application.

    FLaSH stationary and mobile texture measurement system


    • Road maintenance monitoring
    • Performing R&D on road pavements for acoustics and fuel consumption
    • Characterisation and certification of automotive test tracks for various vehicle and tyre manufacturers
    • Acoustic optimization of road markings
    • Efficient and detailed information on the acoustic performance of the pavement combined with our CoMeT CPX-system


    • Easy mounting
    • Concise on-the-road user interface
    • High-end-equipment
    • Reliability