wigo4it: open office environment with plenty of interaction

Architect Zenber developed an open office environment for wigo4it in which a lot of interaction is possible. Working with us, choices were made for the materialisation, layout and design for a comfortable, productive working environment with pleasant acoustics.


Since 2016, wigo4it has been building up information for municipalities in the Stichthage office at The Hague CS station. They do this in an open office environment with a flexible concept, in which a lot of interaction is possible. The occupancy of the workspace is relatively high. In addition to the open office environment, various specific consultation areas and a company canteen are included.


Wigo4it and Zenber were concerned about the acoustics in this dynamic environment and asked us for advice. A joint choice was made for a ceiling with baffles, which have been increased at the workplaces. In addition, choices were made for the layout, wall finish and furnishing that enable concentrated working and consultation in the open concept.


The employees of wigo4it state that they can work comfortably in the office. A new floor will soon be put into use. The flexible office concept and the previously chosen acoustic concept will also be implemented there.




Heb je zelf vragen over comfortabel werken in kantooromgevingen. Neem dan even contact met me op.