The great thing about working at M+P is that technical skill and knowledge to devise solutions for a better living environment are abundantly available, but people always remain the starting point. That is important, but also complex. Depending on who you ask, an office environment may be chaotic or convivial. And where one person may see opportunities to let their business grow, someone else may fear restrictions to their living comfort.

In a country as densely populated as the Netherlands, opinions and interests regarding the living environment are bound to cause tension. I consider it a fascinating challenge to try to get a grip on this experience by listening carefully and thinking along to help creating a pleasant environment for everyone involved. Personally I focus especially on offices, in order to enable employees to do their daily work as comfortably, healthily and productively as possible.

Besides my work at M+P, I am an active member of the editorial staff of the Dutch and Flemish Building Physics magazine ‘Bouwfysica’.

In my spare time I like to cook, I like to read and I always look forward to my next trip.