"Searching for new, creative solutions for clients."

I have been working at M + P for over ten years now. I am particularly concerned with the integrated assessment of noise load and air quality from road and rail traffic in spatial planning issues. In addition to the standard calculation models, I also use a Geographical Information System (GIS) to process data and to analyze and present results. This makes it possible to look at environmental issues qualitatively and to go further than enforcing the legal frameworks. 

Within my work I try to find an integrated spatial planning solution. Helping to analyze a situation, providing guidance with regard to legislation and regulations and providing insight into the quality of the living environment means that I can put my egg into my work. I also enjoy the contact with people and the cooperation between a wide variety of parties in my daily work.

The introduction of the Environmental Act in 2021 now presents a very nice challenge. I now deal daily with questions such as "how is the legal framework changing, what are the consequences for our clients and where does the new law offer opportunities?"