de Graaff
Senior consultant

'Variety and great personal responsibility'

In 1986 I graduated from TU Delft in vehicle technology. And after more than 30 years, vehicles are still central in my life and work. After seven years of research at DAF Trucks, I started working at M+P in 1993, which is still fascinating and challenging.

Every day I enjoy the variety and the great personal responsibility. One time you are tinkering under a car in your overalls, the other time you are holding a speech in the European Parliament in your smart suit and tie. One time you are sitting at your desk puzzling over a metrology problem, the other time you have to run to catch your plane to Detroit or Geneva. Own contribution is always important and decision lines are short. Part of a team, but your the man on the front line.

I like tackling when others look away. Helping clients on their way if they cannot make progress themselves. Aware of one's own ability and honest about limitations. Always purposeful for a practical solution, even at night and at night. Maybe later I would like to become a roadside assistance.