Yasmin - meting in Axel

Measuring with Yasmin (1/50)

No, Yasmin is not one of our M+P colleagues. It is the name of our measuring system. And an ingenious one to boot. Yasmin is able to work without anyone around, and can be monitored remotely. Measurements can be carried out for long periods of time – a day, a month, a year; anything is possible – and at varying heights. The solution is compact and very easy to set up on location. Audio recording is possible, and the system can be extended with a video camera or meteorological station. In addition, Yasmin has relatively simple hardware and is quite inexpensive. In short: Yasmin offers many benefits. Where does the name come from actually?

Yet Another Sound Measurement Instrument
The innovative M+P advisors are happy to lovingly develop new technical aids for their profession. They examine the measuring techniques that are required for a particular project and, if necessary, develop a new, tailor-made measuring instrument. The measuring system used to monitor the motocross race-track of RES Motocross in Axel, Zeeland is a good example of this. The full name of the project is actually, “Yet Another Sound Measurement Instrument”, but the abbreviation Yasmin is friendlier and much easier to remember.

Motocross race-track noise measurements in Axel
In the autumn of 2020, RUD Zeeland received complaints about noise nuisance from residents living near the race-track. The corona measures meant many race meetings were cancelled after the complaint was filed, so noise measurements could only actually begin in the summer of 2021. The challenge was that the travel distance to Axel was significant and that race meetings often last a whole day. To increase the challenge, measurements had to be taken from four different permit points and at two different heights. But this was no problem for Yasmin. She was deployed for two long days of competition, during which the wind blew from two different directions, and measurements were taken from two permit points at a height of both 5 m and 10 m.

Yasmin, a modern measuring instrument
The process for taking these measurements is very different from how it was 50 years ago. In those days, four men would have to stand in position with heavy tape recorders around their necks for the whole day. The time involved was significant, as was the usage of batteries. Today, all the data is securely stored on a server, while the advisors are able to follow everything Yasmin registers from a distance. Furthermore, the customer can access the information via a link and review it. This is an important benefit of this innovative measuring instrument.