Building on a deeper understanding every day”

The beauty of working at M + P is the combination of diversity in the job and getting to the bottom of things. At M + P, we want to really unravel the problem at hand. And because of that, no two projects are alike.

In practice this means: never stop researching. Both personally and professionally, I love to continuously deepen my understanding and skills. With a background in physics, problems with a technical-physical angle are close to heart. But providing good advice requires more than precisely adjusted measuring equipment. It involves an appreciation of the different stakeholders’ interests. Or a focus from the legal perspective. An understanding of the societal importance of the project. This diversity in the job makes me passionate about my work in acoustics.

In my spare time I love to meet up with friends and family. Preferably outside. Going hiking, climbing, cycling. Whatever the weather, it’s always great to come together!